Develop your glutes with Maximum Hypertrophy workout #2

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Maximum hypertrophy #2

This workout makes clever use of biomechanics to challenge the glutes in three different functions. The glutes can perform a wide range of functions, including hip extension, trunk extension, posterior pelvic tilt, and hip external rotation. In this workout, the hip thruster allows you to perform hip extension, the 45-degree back extension allows you to perform trunk extension, and the seated band hip abduction allows you to perform hip external rotation. Using the glutes to perform many different functions in one workout makes sure that you work all its different regions effectively. 

Hip Thruster barbell hip thrusts: 5 sets x 8 reps with 2 mins rest

45-degree back extension: 3 sets x 12 reps with 1.5 mins rest

Seated band hip abduction: 2 sets x 15 - 20 reps with 1 min rest

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