We are pleased to offer wholesale pricing on our range of BC Strength products.

To place a wholesale order and receive discounted pricing please contact our customer service team using the form on this page. For an accurate quote please also include your full postal address and contact information.

Glute Loop pricing - please see below.

We base our wholesale pricing on the total number of Glute Loops in your order, split across any combination of sizes and strengths.

Total Number of Loops S/M Size L/XL Size
1-5 £15 per unit (RRP) £15 per unit (RRP)
6-29 £10.95 per unit £10.95 per unit
30-59 £10.20 per unit £10.20 per unit
60-99 £9.45 per unit £9.45 per unit
100-499 £8.70 per unit £8.70 per unit
500+ £7.50 per unit £7.50 per unit