The Thruster is the ultimate piece of exercise equipment for gluteal sculpting. In fact, the hip thrust exercise elicits over double the activation in the gluteus maximus musculature than heavy barbell squats and places greater loading on the hamstrings too, not to mention that it's easier on the low back. We've tested almost every popular glute exercise in existence, and there's no better way to target the glutes than hip thrusting. What's more, the hip thrust is a highly stable, easy-to-learn exercise that can be performed comfortably by just about everyone. 

(Learn more about the science of glute training and the benefits of hip thrusting here.)

Simply place the feet on the mat and the mid-back on the pad and start thrusting the hips. As you progress in strength, wrap a band around the hips, use a barbell, or utilise a combination of both barbell and bands once you reach advanced status. The hip thrust can be used by individuals seeking better butts in the comfort of their own living rooms or garages. It can be used by athletes seeking greater speed development, personal trainers training clients out of their studios, group training facilities seeking greater glute training methods, sports teams wanting an edge on their competition, or physical therapists wanting to improve their clients' functional strength. Since the gluteus maximus is quite possibly the most important and versatile muscle in the human body for increased athleticism and physical fitness, you want to be performing the hip thrust regularly to maximise your performance, not to mention your appearance. Everybody appreciates nicely shaped buttocks! 

The Hip Thruster is highly durable with no moving parts (except the wheels), so it will stand the test of time. It accommodates taller individuals up to 6'6" (198cm) in height as well as shorter individuals as low as 4'11" (150cm) in height. High quality wheels and a handle allow for easy manipulation and transportation. The bench is set at 40cm which is the optimal hip thrusting height for the majority of individuals. 

The Hip Thruster eliminates the need to place a bench against a wall or have spotters ensuring that the bench doesn't slide away. It's a standalone unit that can be placed anywhere, including right in the middle of a living room while watching television or in the middle of a commercial gym floor. It saves power rack space in athletic training facilities to be used for other exercises. It can be stored upright against a wall or inside of a closet. Band pegs allow for the hip thrust to be performed against elastic resistance so you can attain an incredible glute workout without the requirements of free weights. Conversely, free weights can be used as well for variety. 

Bret Contreras, MA, CSCS, and inventor of The Hip Thruster has coined the popular saying, "Abs are made in the kitchen, but glutes are made in the gym." Well, now you don't have to go to the gym to train your glutes optimally - you can train them in the comfort of your own home.


Order now so you can start thrusting your way to better shaped buttocks and greater glutes!