What is a hip thrust?

The hip thrust is a lower-body exercise that develops all of the key leg muscles, including the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps. It is a stable and easy-to-learn exercise that can be performed comfortably by almost anyone.

Why do hip thrusts?

The hip thrust is the best exercise for the gluteus maximus. It involves twice as much muscle activity in the gluteus maximus as barbell squats and is better for the hamstrings too. 

The hip thrust also involves less loading on the spine than barbell squats, as the barbell is not placed on the back but on the hips. This makes the hip thrust very useful for people who are rehabilitating an injury. 

Who should hip thrust?

The primary role of the hip thrust is to develop the gluteus maximus muscle. The gluteus maximus is the biggest and heaviest muscle in the human body for a very good reason – it is probably the most important muscle for almost any kind of lower-body movement. 

  • Strength coaches and athletes use hip thrusts to improve gluteus maximus strength to help increase sprinting speeds
  • Physical therapists use hip thrusts with their clients to increase functional strength without loading the spine
  • Bodybuilders and physique competitors use hip thrusts to increase the size of their buttock muscles 

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