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The BC Strength Glute Bench comes in 2 sizes and is suitable for a wide range of exercises, including a quick and easy option for hip thrusts, step ups and jumping movements. It can be used with barbells, dumbbells, sand bags, bands, kettlebells and more.

Due to its lightweight dense foam construction the BC Strength Glute Bench can be easily moved and stacked if required.

The Small Glute Bench is 24 inches long, 12 inches tall and weighs 3.15 kgs, and the Large Glute Bench is 36 inches long, 14 inches tall and weighs 8 kgs. The large sized Glute Bench is better suited to taller individuals (over 5 foot, 8 inches) or those with a longer torso in relation to their total height.

The BC Strength Glute Bench has been load tested to 540kg.

Use pursuant to US Patent 10,967,213

Customer Reviews

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I had been using my 16” wood plyo box to do hip thrusts on and I was sort of feeling awkward going past 200 lbs bc it was too high and just not right. This bench makes it so much more comfortable and I can easily lift more weight now. I am 5’6.5” and debated which size to get. Ultimately went with the 12” even though that seemed short, but it is perfect! I thought it might slip around but it has gripper material on the bottom so stays in place pretty well. Great buy!

Stacey Certner Cyphers

I am so happy to finally have this!!! It’s so well made and versatile! Time to get loading some weight!!! Woot! Thank you!!!

Dominique Ivory
Changed My Leg Workouts!

I ordered the small glute bench at the beginning of the pandemic. It took a while to get here since it was on back-order, but it was worth the wait. I always did my hip thrusts on taller benches and struggled to get to a higher weight. 155 lbs was my max. then. I hit a PR yesterday while using the glute bench, 215 lbs. I would 100% recommend it to anyone. One thing that I've really noticed using this bench, because of the height, I don't have anymore back pain! Bret has changed my leg workouts forever. I'm so much stronger than I was just a few months ago. It's really comfortable, very sturdy for what it is and super versatile. I use it for so many workouts besides hip thrusts.

Olivia Lawson
Game changer!

Worth every penny! The perfect height and angle for maximum feels during hip thrusts. This bench is very stable, never slides or feels like it will flip over. Only improvement I can think of is adding a carry handle to one of the ends.

Buy it!!!

This is a great addition to my home gym - it’s super versatile and does not move on my hardwood floors at all!!! I ordered the small but will definitely be buying the large to add to my workouts. With gyms barley opening and the potential of them closing - I highly recommend you buy this now!!! I am so happy I did. Thank you, Bret for an awesome Glute bench! Hail to the Glute guru - shall my glutes and all ladies out there grow large and strong.

BC Strength Large Glute Bench Exercises

  • Between Bench Squat

    Requires 2 x Glute Benches and a BC T-Bell + Weight Plates

  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row

    Also requires a dumbbell

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