Glute training off the smith machine kicks ass. There are so many good exercises you can do off of it. Please don’t listen to trainers and coaches who bash the smith machine. I can assure you that they haven’t experimented with it like we have at Glute Lab.

Free weights will always reign supreme, but machines are awesome as well. Here are 30 awesome glute exercises to do using the smith machine.

Shout out to Coach Ashley Hodge for demo’ing all the exercises!

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How Often Should I Train The Glutes?

"How often should I train my glutes?" is by far the most common question I receive from my followers. The simple answer is 3 times per week. The more complex answer is 2-6 times per week depending on 7 important factors. The most important of these factors is genetics, but exercise selection, volume, load, effort, intent, and specialization all play a role as well.

How To Fix A Glute Imbalance

Glute imbalances are very common, to the point where people are borderline paranoid about them. It’s normal to be asymmetrical. It’s functionally advantageous to have a stronger and more powerful side. Of course, you want to narrow the margin and bridge the gap in situations where there’s a severe discrepancy between sides, but most people are fine. In this video, I discuss glute imbalances and provide three different solutions.

A Scientific Guide to Determine an Exercise’s Effectiveness

All exercises are awesome. Some are better suited than others for helping a person reach various goals. This video details a guide that can be used to help determine how effective a particular exercise is...

Progressive Overload vs The Mind Muscle Connection

In this video, I discuss the research behind attentional focus, the benefits of the mind muscle connection and progressive overload,...

Glute Band Workout: Influencers Take Note!

I start posting band burnouts in 2014, but when my buddy Cem had me do a 2-3 minute burnout when...

To Train To Failure Or Not

Train to failure or Not train to failure? That’s not the right question. Like most things in S&C, the answer...

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