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The BC Strength Glute Loop is available in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL) and 3 strengths (Regular, Strong and Extra Strong), allowing for 6 total options. If you're just looking to buy one single band, we recommend that the majority of users purchase the S/M Regular Glute Loop. However, individuals with large thighs may wish to purchase the L/XL Regular Glute Loop instead. Stronger and fitter users will want to opt for the S/M and L/XL Strong and Extra Strong Glute Loops. However, instead of asking which band is right for you, consider buying all 6 loops. The reason why is that each band is useful for different exercises, variations, and rep ranges. For example, the L/XL Glute Loops are better suited for sumo squat and sumo band walks as they allow for larger excursions. And the Strong and Extra Strong Glute Loops are better suited for working lower rep ranges. We use them all at the Glute Lab. 

The BC Strength Glute Loop can be used during hip extension exercises such as squats, bridges, hip thrusts, leg presses, and reverse hypers to add a hip abduction component and place double duty on the glutes. It can be used in the standing, hip hinge, supine, seated, quadruped, and side lying positions to provide resistance for frontal or transverse plane hip abduction movements. It can also be used in the quadruped and standing positions to provide resistance during hip extension movements. There are over 30 different glute exercises that we perform while wearing the BC Strength Glute Loop. It's a staple for any person who is serious about improving their gluteal strength, function, and development.

  • Approximate dimensions: 3" by 13" (S/M) and 3" by "15 (L/XL)
  • Approximate weight: 130g
  • Colour: black and blue
  • Heavy-duty construction for professional use
  • The BC Strength Glute Loop is manufactured from elasticated grippy fabric so there may be very minor variations in appearance between products
  • Guaranteed against wear and tear for 90 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Juan Manuel Salazar laso

Para mi las mejores bandas del mercado ! Llevo años comprándola !


Great quality band

Hard and durable as hell

I bought the S/M regular after feeling other bands didn't quite cut it and the rubber band sliding up was annoying. When I first got this one I was shocked at how strong it was! My ass was burning only after one set of seated abductions and I couldn't even do much in terms of range of motion. I have gotten a lot stronger since then (bought march 2019) but the glute loop still holds up! It still has lot of resistance and looks almost brand new and I've used it alot. Highly recommended. Thinking of buying a stronger one now, I guess it's about time!

Won't let you down

I bought the S/M Regular to try in the beginning of January 2019. It is now July 14, 2020 and the band has held up incredibly well. As in, there is zero wear and tear. No fraying, no breaks, the quality is still the same 1.5 years later. And I've heavily used it every week at least 2-3x per week doing barbell hip thrusts (worked my way to 315lb). I have extremely stubborn glutes and I won't feel them working without using this band. I thought I would offer a review after all this time, as I'm now browsing the site about to buy the stronger bands! Thanks Bret :)

Quality product, fast delivery to UK

I purchased the glute loop after it was recommended to me, I had been using other bands that just didn’t work well. I thought bands don’t add much to the movement..... boy was I wrong!
This band is thick, great resistance and adds a lot more to my workouts! The delivery was estimated 1-2 weeks to uk, it arrived in 4 days!
Very happy and would highly recommend. Thanks Bret Contreras

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